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The Show

For the first time in Melbourne, Aleksandar Vass & Malcolm C. Cooke present the hilarious, brand new production, Sexercise – The Musical. This enormously entertaining comedy about relationships makes its world premiere at Melbourne’s newest live performance venue, Alex Theatre, St Kilda on 24th February 2015.

Fresh, Fun and Fabulously Flirty. The story is placed in the fast-paced world of married, professional, mid-30s couple Joe (Lyall Brooks) and Sam (Nicole Melloy). There’s no place for seduction amid the juggling of school runs, work schedules and their personal exercise regimes.

Like so many things that are stretched to a breaking point, Joe and Sam are failing to deliver to each other what they used to give away so freely – time, affection, spontaneity and, of course, sex.

Well-meaning friends Tania (Lulu McClatchy), Shane (Kristin Holland) and Andy (Cameron MacDonald) try to help Joe and Sam work through their problems.

But, their friends have problems of their own…

When Shane was 16 he picked up 23 years olds. At 36 he’s still doing it… just. Tania believes in “the one”; trouble is,
she met her and then got dumped. At least she still has her cats! Poor Andy married “the one”; just the wrong one.

And there’s Rhonda running the gamut of online dating sites, trying everything on the menu and struggling to decide what to order on a regular basis.

Maybe Sexercise is the answer…

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Sexercise - The Musical is sure to be the hottest ticket in town!

Sexcercise Girls

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